Wednesday, 7 December 2011

The Exploited Forest - A Little Update

A few people have been asking to see a bit of my work in progress so it’s probably time to give a little update. Originally, Clive (my tutor) and I went through some test shots and we discussed how I wanted to approach the project. To summarise the discussion, Clive felt that he wanted to see the forest shot in a way that he hadn’t seen before and that my test shots were too traditional. This is understandable with a subject that he has worked with so much and knows so well.

Initial Strategy

Over the next few weeks I focused on a new strategy where I captured mostly detail shots, shooting small segments in a kind of forensic way. I then had a brief discussion with Paul (another tutor) who now wants me to go back to the original strategy because he finds it a lot more interesting and reveals a lot more about the landscape!

Second Strategy

So now I’m in a bit of a pickle. Do I revert to the original strategy that Paul enjoyed but Clive didn’t, carry on doing what I am doing until I can get an updated opinion from Clive or develop an entirely new strategy?

Guess it is time to follow my instincts…

All photographs by Scott Martin.

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